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The State of Arizona is unique in that it offers scholarships to Arizona Christian Schools. Arizona taxpayers have the opportunity to designate their state tax dollars to go towards Christian schools. This is a wonderful opportunity to allow your tax dollars to further the next generation through Christian education. Most of our current students have received funds through the following scholarship organizations.

Universal Empowerment Scholarship (ESA)

All AZ Resident families are eligible to apply for ESA, however it cannot be combined with any other scholarship listed below. ESA generally grants 75%-100% of TBA's tuition.

**STOs listed below can be used in combination with each other.

Arizona Christian 
Scholarship Tuition
Organization (ACSTO)

Application opens February 3rd

Application Deadlines;
July 31st

September 15th

January 31st

March 31st



Institute for 
Better Education​ (IBE)

Application opens February 1st

Application Deadlines:

June 1st

September 1st

December 1st

February 1st



School Choice Arizona

Application opens March 1st

Application Deadlines;
May 15th

June 30th

September 30th

December 31st

February 28th



Arizona Leadership
Foundation (ALF)



Application Period:​

April 18th-June 15th

CLOSED for the 2022-2023

school year.




TOPS for Kids

Application opens May 1st


Application Deadlines;
July 15th

October 15th

January 15th

April 1st



Empowerment Scholarship Account
(Military Dependents, Displaced & IEP)

This significant scholarship is for military dependents and those who have a current MET/Evaluation Report, Individualized Education Program, or 504 Plan. It also is for students whose legal guardian is legally deaf, blind, or hard of hearing.

The ESA scholarship cannot be combined with any other scholarships. 

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