Our Admissions

Our admission process can now be completed online!

Simply follow the steps below and you can enroll today!

Step 1

To apply for TBA please click on the button below.
Once you have 
completed the online section please continue to step 2.


Step 2

Please print the following forms, sign them, and then return them to the school office.
This can be done in person or you may email them to tbainfo@tucsonbaptist.com. Your application will not be complete until these forms have been submitted.

1) Copy of your student's Birth Certificate

2) Immunization Records - call the school office if you need an exemption form

3) Financial Commitment Form - Please read this form carefully. We need both parents to sign the back and date it.

4) Private School Affidavit - This form will need to be notarized.
(Not required if your student will be receiving the ESA Grant)

5) Grandparents Information - for grandparents both local or long distance

6) COVID-19 Waver of Liability

Step 3

Pay the enrollment fee - payable online via this link.

New Enrollment: $185

Early Re-Enrollment (paid by April 29, 2022): $85

Re-Enrollment (paid after April 29, 2022): $135